Rock Hushka

Art Direction, Branding, Motion, Visual Design

From 30 years of creative experience, I have developed strong listening skills and an emphasis on collaboration. These, along with my determination and technical abilities, I will work hard to transform your business story into compelling images. I have a proven track record of managing projects with reliability, ingenuity, and excellence.

The Piano Lesson: Designing before the Product is Created

  • Print Design

Designers are regularly asked to generate visual designs in advance of the start of the play’s production. The challenge for The Piano Lesson was to create an arresting graphic that conveyed the essence of August Wilson’s play months before key hires were made and work started on the production.

Subduction: Imagine a Magazine with a Westward Shift

  • Print Design

Subduction magazine visualizes independent thinking through bold, direct photography and thoughtful variations and interruptions of the design system. The layout allows for both long, in-depth coverage supported by expansive photography showcasing the distinct and diverse experiences of the people living and working in the West.

An App to Enhance the eBook Experience

  • UX / UI
  • Visual Design

Story+ enhances reading outcomes for parents and instructors with an eBook by integrating motion graphics, offering access to supplementary information without leaving the app, and offering the reader the ability to customize the main character to reflect themselves.

Thank you!

I owe many people my gratitude for my success at SCCA. One of my new favorite things that I've learned over the past two years is that design is a team sport. I am grateful for the incredible instructors and gracious, smart colleagues. I am especially grateful for the ceaseless support of my spouse during this new phase in my career.