Philip Nii Okaidja Randolph


Beauty, Editorial, Family, Fashion, Portraiture, Documentary, Video Editor

I am a Ghanaian Commercial Photographer and Filmmaker based in Seattle, Washington. I have 5 years of experience working with people, be it for studio shoots, outdoor shoots or filming narrative pieces. I pride myself on being a detail-oriented content creator versed in visually appealing imagery and video. I am easy-going yet goal-oriented.

Fofoi Beauties

This is a fine art project I've always wanted to do, incorporating the traditional dressing of the Ga traditional women of Ghana and a modern artistic style with colourful props. It was an opportunity to test out my personal development and the lighting techniques I learned while at Seattle Central Creative Academy.
Credit: Jollie, Amina, Sophia.

Farming while Black

What does land ownership mean and what is it like farming in the United States versus other countries? This question is explored with a passionate Black farmer living in a predominantly white city in Washington.
Credit: Victor Anagli

Beauty Portraits

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  • Fine Art
  • Portraiture

Here is a collection of beauty portrait projects shot by myself in collaboration with people in my community. Please click link to view.

Thank you!

I want to give thanks to the faculty members of the Creative Academy who continue to support me through this journey, their leniency is unparalleled, and to my fellow classmates, those who couldn't finish the program with us and those who stayed all the way through, special thanks to my all collaborators.