Katie Camm


Art Direction, Layout, Print Design, Visual Design, Commercial, Conceptual

My name is Katie Camm. I am a bold visual designer who explores creative solutions with curiosity and excitement. I believe you should go big or go home, and that attitude drives everything that I do.

Earshot Jazz Festival

  • Advertising
  • Visual Design
  • Commercial

How can we visually capture the experience of a jazz lounge while still staying somewhat true to Earshot's current design system? This Earshot Jazz Festival poster highlights the jazz lounge experience through refined photography, colors, with simple white typography set on a grid system. This design focuses the eye on what matters - Jazz.

HAX Apex Legends Magazine

  • Layout
  • Visual Design
  • Editorial

HAX is a monthly video game magazine with a quarterly "Special Edition" game specific strategy guide. HAX usually provides facts, tips and tricks to readers, but in our “Special Editions” we focus in on one game, exploring the rich lore, character stories and relationships, and, well, tell the whole story. This quarter's edition? Apex Legends!

The Night We Met

  • Art Direction
  • Motion
  • Visual Design
  • Landscape

To enhance my skills in Blender and After Effects, I created The Night We Met music video to create an ambient, looping environment for the song. I built an environment around the camera, capitalizing on the use of forced perspective, animated the intros and outros within Blender, and looped the firefly animations in After Effects.

Thank you!

To my colleagues, you have been the most wonderful cohort I have ever worked alongside. Your kindness, grace, and compassion have been a light in some of the darkest, most stressful days of the past year. I know all of you will go on to do incredible things, because all of you are incredible people. Thank you!