Theo Truong


UX / UI, Visual Design, Product

Growing up, I believed that everything is solvable with enough creativity. I always searched for the next problem to solve. Those pursuits took a backseat to my need to help others when I pursued a career in the health sciences. I found UX/UI Design combines those two desires and I'm now eager to apply what I've learned to tackle new problems.

Pathways School Portals

  • UX / UI
  • Product

As technology advances, it creates opportunities for the world to adapt. Pathways School Portal is the next step for grade school learning. This portal provides an all-in-one platform for students to keep track of grades and assignments, send messages between students and teachers, or accomplish any other school-related need.

Touchpoints Ergonomics App

  • UX / UI
  • Product

Working at a computer for long hours can be tough on the body. Salus’ Touchpoints App can help build good ergonomic practices to protect your future. Use the app to run diagnostics on your posture, evaluate your office setup, or educate yourself about potential workplace injuries.

Bloom Cleaning Product

  • Packaging
  • Product

In a world with so many product choices, Bloom provides an easy one. Buy Bloom Cleaning Products for a trusted eco-friendly experience. Bloom’s mission to create a cleaner world starts with plant-based sourcing of their products and sustainable packaging without sacrificing quality.

Thank you!

I want to thank the teachers of SCCA for all their help and support. Switching their curriculum entirely to online took a lot of work, but none of them wavered in trying to provide us with a complete education. I want to thank Monica Ravitch and all my classmates that I worked with and had a chance to get to know. I appreciate you all!