Gregor Elgee


Conceptual, Editorial, Commercial Videography, Documentary

I am a multidisciplinary visual media artist who specializes in low-key, dramatic lighting for commercial photography, videography, and 3D composites. Human connections in different countries and a love for snowboard and surf culture are what inspire me.

Vintage Gothic

  • Editorial

The goal of this project was to mold 1960's 007 fashion with a modern, sinister look. The poses and lighting were inspired by tears from several Georgio Armani and Gucci fashion lookbooks. The car is a 1963 Avanti Studebaker, compliments of Jason Hoppe. My models are Nicole Cherie and Serghei Boldesco.

House of Gucci

  • Commercial
  • Product

The goal of this project was to pop the bright colors of a product using low key light with various staging elements.

My Video Content

  • Commercial
  • Lifestyle
  • Video Editor

First video: I chose to focus the story on water and precipitation as these elements compliment the speed and grace of the 2022 Model X.

Second video: The goal of this video was to attract volunteers to join Conservation NW.

Third video: To get people familiar with citizen science.

Thank you!

An extra special thanks goes out to Bliss Holloway, Matthew Villanueva, Libby Pratt, David Julian, Jason Devore, and the rest of the staff of the Visual Media program of Seattle Central College. This has been a life changing experience.